Thursday, December 06, 2018

TNF 2018: Week 14 Picks

This week's NFL games begin with the Jacksonville Jaguars travelling to Tennessee to take on the Titans tonight.

As per usual, I've put all the stats into my spreadsheet to see what it is projecting for the match. It has the Titans to win by four points and the total amount scored to be thirty-six.

Both projections are very close to the actual lines for the game as the point total is 37.5 while the Titans are favoured by four.

Therefore, the spreadsheet has selected the following:

Jacksonville +4.5
Under 37.5

I know I always write 'this is for fun, I am not betting on this game' at the close of every Thursday Night Football post, but this is 100% the case here as I feel Jacksonville could win this outright and cannot shake off the feeling that there will be thirty-eight or more points.

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