Sunday, May 06, 2018

Scratchin' 2018 : Week 18

I have now completed the eighteenth week of a goal I have set myself to play a National Lottery scratch card every day in 2018.

I had a decent week. I had a £10 return from a £2 card on Monday and broke even with £1 returns on both Wednesday and Thursday.

My friend bought me twenty scratch cards for my birthday in midweek. These don't count towards this experiment, but - if they had - I would have made £11 profit from them. One of the winners was on the new Lucky 7s cards that I was planning to first play in June. It would have been great to have had this one in my campaign as it would have helped me recover.

As of the today, I'm £51 in the red. This is after playing one hundred and twenty-six tickets, so - as I keep stating - it could be worse.

It could also be better!

I've also purchased a few extra £2 and £5 cards to play. I still haven't decided when or how I'll introduce them to this campaign, but - seeing as they weren't gifted to me - they'll count to the 2018.

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