Sunday, March 04, 2018

Scratchin' 2018 : Week 9

I am now completed the ninth week of an experiment where I plan to scratch off a National Lottery scratch card every day in 2018.

As I've mentioned numerous times over the past few updates, I purchased a different set of cards for February and ended up regretting the decision. I have learned from the mistake and will revert back to the cards that I am more accustomed to - ones where I don't have to deal with having to get three of the same images in a row. There is no fun in them. Especially if your second image doesn't match the first. There's far more suspense in the regular cards where you need three matching figures under nine panels.

This week's update is - of the seven cards I've scratched, I broke even for the day with a return of a pound. This was the final card of the February set.

I shall now forget about the failure of February. As of right now, I am thirty-pounds in the red.

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