Friday, March 30, 2018

...To The Day

I had a funny thing happen to me yesterday.

For a number of reasons, I started thinking that it had been quite a while since I watched Shawn Michaels versus 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin from WrestleMania XIV this week. So, with nothing to do yesterday evening, I decided to watch it.

It's one of my favourite Shawn Michaels bouts simply because the guy went in there with a damaged back, hurt it some more during the match, but was still able to pull off a good one.

On top of this, it was the ascension of Steve Austin as this was the night The Rattlesnake became WWF Champion for the first time.

Anyway, back to my story..

While watching, something struck me.

'This match will be twenty years this year,' I thought to myself. I then decided to check out the date just to know for sure when WrestleMania XIV took place.

It was March 29th 1998. Twenty years to the day!

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