Sunday, February 11, 2018

Scratchin' 2018 : Week 6

I have now completed the sixth week of scratching a National Lottery scratch card a day - a thing I am planning to do throughout 2018.

When I last published an update a week ago, I was a few days removed from starting a new series of cards and had won £2 on February 2nd. It has been a dry run ever since.

I have been very disappointed with not only the results of the '£1,000 a Month for a Year' but with how unexciting the games are. One of the things I told somebody this week was I don't mind losing as long as I'm having fun along the way.

To exemplify my point, I'm going to scratch off today's card blindly.

What I need to do is get three symbols in a row on any of the four lines available. In an attempt to have some drama, I scratch off the prize panel on each row before unveiling the symbols.

So, here goes.

The prize on line one is the jackpot. If I match this, I'll receive £1,000 a month for a year. At the risk of looking like I'm doing my Reverse Psychology trick, this line is not going to win:

Symbol 1 - Moneybag
Symbol 2 - Rings

There is no need to continue. The line has lost. Onto line two:

It's £2. If I had found a £2 on one of the red £100,000 cards that I have played the most over the past few months, I would have started thinking 'maybe there's a chance here'. With these cards, I have no faith.

Symbol 1 - Palm tree
Symbol 2 - Stack of coins

See what I mean?

Line three is for £100.

Symbol 1 - Wallet
Symbol 2 - Gold

And onto the final line, which is for £40.

Symbol 1 - Coin
Symbol 2 - Coin

Usually, I would be oohing by now. However, I have had far too many final line teasers and am unconvinced that this will be a winning ticket.

Symbol 3 - Palm tree


This now leaves me £21 in the red. It could be worse...

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