Thursday, January 18, 2018

Handicapping The Championship Games

I have been trying to think of things to write about today. It has taken a few hours, but I've decided to put the stats for this weekend's NFC and AFC Championship games into spreadsheets to see what they're projecting.

For the NFC Championship game, it has the Philadelphia Eagles to win by one. It has the total amount of points at 45.

Therefore, it's recommending the following plays:

Philadelphia +3
Over 38.5

Before putting everything in for the AFC Championship game - which will see the Jacksonville Jaguars head to New England - I was sure it would lean in favour of the Pats.

I was wrong.

Sort of.

It has projected a tie between the two teams. With Jacksonville +9 underdogs, it seems like something I would consider (although I am not betting!).

As for the totals - the spreadsheet states 48, the line is 46.

So, to be clear. it's recommending the following plays in the AFC Championship:

Jacksonville +9
Over 46

I'm not happy about the spreadsheet selecting the Eagles. I'll be happy with a tie in the other game just as long as the Jags win in overtime.

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