Tuesday, November 28, 2017

99p Deal

I've just been on Twitter and noticed that there are a number of people that have been offered a deal to either sign up as a first-time customer or renew old subscriptions to the WWE Network for 99p (I don't know which, it could be both).

The 99p is for a three-month term and it'll include shows like Clash of Champions (December), the 2018 Royal Rumble (January) and Elimination Chamber (February).

The subscription kicks in at the regular monthly price of £9.99 after that. This coincides with the build toward WrestleMania 34. Yes, the company is banking on people to stick around following the 99p taster.

It's a great deal, in my opinion. Especially with the Rumble and Elimination Chamber part of it. 

And that's not even including the back catalogue and new content that's added frequently.

You'd think I work for WWE or something, wouldn't you?

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