Tuesday, October 03, 2017

Watching Tin Star

I watched the first episode of Sky Atlantic's Tin Star yesterday.

I need to watch further instalments to get a better idea what it's all about about. It stars Tim Roth as the head of a police force in a Canadian town and - based on where I think it's going - he has to tackle the development of a power station in the neighbourhood.

My short write-up doesn't give much away, does it? Let's just say, I was intrigued with where it was going in the first five minutes or so.

Storyline and acting aside, another thing that had me in awe was the scenery.

I don't know where it's filmed. I assume it's somewhere in Canada. The shots are so great. Especially in HD. I don't think I have never taken the time to appreciate the scenery in a TV show before yesterday. It's something to look out for if you decide to watch it.

I might write some more once I've finished the entire season.

Every single episode is available to watch on demand, so I'll try and get through them over the next week or so.

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