Friday, October 27, 2017

25th Anniversary Of Halloween Hysteria

If my calculations (ie memory) is correct, I believe that today is the twenty-fifth anniversary of a Street Fighter II tournament that I held at my home during the half-term holidays.

The game had just been released on the Super Nintendo and I was one of the first lads in my class to own a copy.

We set up a group called the Street Fighter Association and even had a trophy to award the winner of the tournament to crown the 'SFA Champion'. The event was titled Halloween Hysteria. Yes, I sort of stole the idea from WCW's Halloween Havoc.

I thought I was going to win the tourney considering I was the only person with a copy of the game.

I didn't even come close.

I lost in the first round - playing as Guile - to a friend who hadn't played it before using the Dhalsim character (Street Fighter fans will know this was a poor result. It was  a huge upset even if I do come across as a big head!)

Fortunately for us, the person who came first was my friend who went halves on the trophy so it didn't leave the territory never to be seen again.

I did win it eventually.

In fact, the trophy is still with me on the desk across the other side of the room I'm in right now.

Those were the days..

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