Monday, September 11, 2017

Annoyed At GamePass

Remember the 'Will I, Won't I?' over purchasing NFL GamePass that I went through? Well, as of this morning, I wish I didn't.

For the past few years, my NFL Sundays have been spent watching four games in a screen on the laptop and also whichever games are on Sky Sports. I wanted to do the same thing year. Could I? Absolutely not.

The new GamePass - which was advertised as being just like previous years but is far from it - will only allow me to watch TWO screens at the same time.

As I wrote in a post published last week, I renewed my subscription when I was offered a discount code. I have a day left on the 'Free Trial' and I'm contemplating ending it. That should indicate right there how annoyed I was last night.

With that said, if I tap out now, I won't get to watch the NFL Network and that is one of the things I enjoy about the subscription. 

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