Thursday, August 31, 2017

20th Anniversary Of Princess Diana's Death

Today is the twentieth anniversary of the death of Princess Diana.

On days like this, you'll see a lot of people ask 'Where were you when you found out she had died?' It's an easy question for me. I was in bed that Sunday morning.

I was awoken by my sister shouting 'S**t!' from the living room. She then ran up to tell me. 

From there, I remember walking into the living room and she had QVC or a random channel like that on the screen. Instead of what you'd usually expect on a shopping channel like this, I was met by a black candle and the notification of Diana's passing.

I worked that day.

I remember walking in that morning and it was raining. I recall that long walk into the city centre and seeing the newspaper stands with 'DIANA DEAD' written on them. All I could think was how fast they were able to get that sort of news printed considering she had died only hours earlier.

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