Saturday, August 26, 2017

National Dog Day 2017

It's National Dog Day today.

It's quite a coincidence that this day is upon us because I've been thinking a lot about my sister's dog this week.

He has been a big part of my family since they first brought him home ten years ago. A cool thing about him is we share the same birthday.

I've never really been attached to a pet before, but I always enjoy the rare occasions when I have to look after him for them. If you've read Boxing Day posts that I've published in the past, you'll be aware that I often have him on Christmas night while they are visiting other family members. There's also THIS TIME when I offered to look after him one day when he was a few months old.

The reason why he's been on my mind this week is because he has been unwell. The outlook isn't looking too good as of right now, but I'm hoping he'll return to full health.

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