Tuesday, April 18, 2017

The Cleveland Shootings And The 'Vigilante'

I was following the story about the Cleveland shootings on Sunday night.

A guy was on Facebook live and shot an innocent person dead while streaming to the social platform.

What a thing to do.

I read a few stories after hearing about it and - apparently - the murderer claimed to have killed more. I don't believe he has, but one is more than enough.

There was another guy on YouTube driving around the area looking for the gunman. Or something. I actually don't know what his intentions were, but he was in his car with thousands of people watching the live stream. I caught most of it. He and his associates were claiming to be doing it for media/reporting purposes, but it seemed a bit OTT to me.

The police thought the same. They pulled him over and ordered him to stop. It actually didn't help that the driver was wearing a Punisher t-shirt.

Great idea driving around with the emblem of Marvel Comics' most iconic vigilante on your chest. 

As of the time of writing, the killer is still at large. The police has announced that he could have passed into other States.