Friday, April 07, 2017

Morrisons' Bun Idea

I read in yesterday's paper that the supermarket chain - Morrisons - will give out free hot cross buns to every customer today.

The reason, according to the company's spokesman, is to try and entice the customer to pass the free gift on to their neighbours or loved ones in order to re-connect.

It's an interesting idea.

On paper.

The research before coming up with the idea pointed out that almost seventy percent of people in Britain don't talk to their next door neighbours.

Eighty-six percent don't even know who lives on their street.

Call me a cynic, but - unfortunately - we live in a different time. Only a minority of people will carry out Morrisons' wish to pas this on to a neighbour they don't know. I don't need a researcher to work this out for me.

My generation was brought up being warned never to accept sweets from strangers, remember?

Hopefully, the idea to pass it on to a loved one - in order to 're-connect' - can have a better result.

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