Thursday, April 06, 2017

An Idea 25 Years In The Making

A great idea struck me last night. 

I noticed that it was April 5th. The date of my favourite WrestleMania ever - the 1992 edition - which meant that it was the twenty-fifth anniversary of the show. I thought to myself 'what better way to honour the milestone than to watch it how I did back when I was a kid.'

By the way, this plan was a spur of the moment plot. I had less than an hour to work it out.

What I was going to do was start watching it at 12am this morning, watch the first three matches and then go to bed.

Just like how I watched it in 1992.

I had school the following morning, so didn't stay up to watch the entire show. I woke early to finish the rest before leaving home.

Anyway, as soon as it hit midnight this morning, I played the event on the WWE Network in bed.

Poor move number one - I originally watched it laying down on the sofa in the living room.

I always enjoyed the WWF's video intros to WrestleManias and this one was no exception. They had Hulk Hogan posing over the Indianapolis skyline with the hype machine (AKA Vince McMahon) revealing that his upcoming battle against Sid Justice could be the Hulkster's final match.

Hogan was leaving at that time. The steroid scandal the company was facing resulted in its top star laying low for almost a year. I sort of knew he would be back.

I also love this image from the opening shot of the event. I might appear biased but the Hoosier Dome - the former home of the Indianapolis Colts - looked amazing for a wrestling event.

What you have to remember is this event was two years removed from WWF's visit to the Toronto SkyDome. WrestleMania VII was moved to the Los Angeles Sports Memorial Arena after its original venue - the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum - didn't sell well. So, in my eyes, Mania was back to being a big deal.

I continued watching the event early this morning. I caught the national anthem being sang by Reba McIntyre, Shawn Michaels' first singles match at a WrestleMania with a win over Tito Santana, this was then followed by a Legion of Doom promo where they brought in Paul Ellering to be their manager (he had been their boss in other territories, but this was the first time he was introduced to the WWF audience). I then watched Jake 'The Snake' Roberts' interview to hype up the next match with The Undertaker and then I....

Must have fallen asleep. 


I woke up at 7am  with the iPad still next to me. I must have turned it off in a sleepy haze as the 'continue watching' option has the event near to its mid-way point. Like I said, the final memory I have is of the Jake Roberts interview.

It would have been cool to have stuck it out for at least the other two matches just to redo what was done in '92. 

With that said, the trip down memory lane - for what I did see - was worth the effort I went to.

Had I thought of it sooner, I would have been more prepared. I'm sure of it.

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