Thursday, February 23, 2017

Sweet 16

I know, I know, I write the same thing every February 23rd.

Time is flying by before my very eyes.

My nephew turned 16 today. I cannot believe it. Seriously.

Not only is time flying by. His height is, too! Without looking back at previous February 23rd posts, I am sure that I've written about how tall he is nowadays. I only get to see him every few weeks, but - when I do - I ALWAYS comment on how he is becoming a giant.

He now has a part-time job, so that's why I hardly ever get to see him. When he was looking for work, I told him to see if Burton would make good on a promise they gave him. He didn't know what I meant at first, but then - when I told him the story - the memory flooded back and we laughed.

I'll share it today.

Back when he was four, I took him into town on one of my days off. I needed a new pair of shoes, so I went to Burton to buy a pair.

The sales assistant was helping me get my size and he saw a pair of shoes with the Welsh dragon on them. He immediately began a 'Wales! Wales! Wales!' chant. For some reason, another assistant came along and he was charming the two ladies.

And then things became a bit difficult for yours truly.

They referred to me as his 'dad' and he corrected them. The only problem - he didn't tell them I was his uncle, he informed them that 'He's my boss'.

I don't know where that one came from, and I don't know what the sales assistants must have thought.We ended up buying the shoes and, as we were leaving, one of the ladies asked him if he would like to work with them one day. He told them he would, so that's where my suggestrion came from.

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