Thursday, January 26, 2017

Scammual 2017

I had been looking out for the WWE 2017 Annual in the January sales but couldn't find it, so decided on the last resort - Amazon.

What I usually do is wait until the new year before buying a copy (I've been collecting them for years!). The online bookstore had loads available from third party sellers, so I opted for a £7 copy that would be 'fulfilled by Amazon'.

Keep the £7 price in your mind and imagine my delight when I opened the parcel yesterday evening:

WOW £2.99 indeed.

The seller must have bought a few of these in the sales and then went and sold them at full whack on Amazon.

Now, I did not mind having to pay the £7 because I couldn't find a copy anywhere. What I don't like however, is paying more than half what the seller originally bought it for.

Also - they need to step up their game and remove the labels before sending them out.

I contacted Amazon about it and was given £5 back.

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