Wednesday, December 07, 2016

The 'BT Openreach' Scam

There seems to be a new phone scam going around. Well, I think it's new. It was certainly a first for me.

The caller, who appears to be based in India, rings up and states that he's from BT Openreach. Once he has introduced himself as a representative of the company, he 'informs' the person on the other end of the phone that he has found out that people have hacked into their router and that he has to stop their Internet and freeze their account.

That's as far as the con went with me. As a Virgin Media customer, I knew it was a scam, but I played on a little.

I thanked him for closing the account because I didn't use the Internet that much anyway. Once I said that, he was lost. I guess the flow chart or script he has in front of him only works if the person on the other end kicks off about having their Internet taken away or their account frozen.

If I had showed some surprise in what was going on, I guess they'd do the old trick about wanting to access your computer remotely to remove the faux-problem and then add some of their own gremlins.

It goes without saying, if you've had a call like this, take no notice. It's a con.

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