Monday, December 05, 2016

Best Of A Bad Pair

I didn't like the results of this year's edition of I'm a Celebrity.

Well, to put it straight, I didn't like the final two. In my opinion, Adam Thomas - who finished third - should have been the winner. He was the most entertaining by far.

Scarlett Moffatt was crowned Queen of the Jungle on last night's final. She bested Joel Dommett to the title. Of the two, I did like the outcome. But it was the best of a bad pair, in my opinion.

Joel was kind of boring. I told someone the other day that, when he was in the diary room and talking to the camera, his insight wasn't insightful.

This season was not my cup of tea. Not that I drink tea, but if I did, this would not be my brand.

And let's not get me started on the ITV2 spin-off show. I gave up on that after episode two. It was dire.

Come November 2017, I'll be looking forward to the upcoming season. I can guarantee that.

2016 was a strike out, though.

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