Sunday, July 31, 2016

Introducing 'The World Carbonating Bottle Of Soda' Tournament 2016

I have a crazy idea.

Remember all of those posts teasing that I was going to rank some Soda Stream flavours to work out which one is my overall favourite?

Well.. the wait is finally over.

This coming Saturday will be the first day of the 'World Carbonating Bottle of Soda' tournament. Yes, it's a rubbish name. It seemed like a good idea in my head, but not so much now that it's written in front of me. 

It's going to be a sixteen flavour knockout tournament that will run every weekend during August. The winner will be crowned on Sunday August 28th.

The head-to-heads were selected randomly and I found that some of my popular choices are up against each other making this quite a start.

Here's how the schedule will go through August.

August 6 (Group of 16 Day 1)
Game 1 - Cloudy Lemonade .vs. Highland Fizz
Game 2 - Root Beer .vs. Lemon and Lime
Game 3 - Cola .vs. Red Apple
Game 4 - Dr. Pete .vs. Blueberry

August 7 (Group of 16 Day 2)
Game 5 - Pineapple and Grapefruit .vs. Elderflower
Game 6 - Passion Fruit and Mango .vs. Peach and Mandarin
Game 7 - Del Monte Orange .vs. Pink Grapefruit
Game 8 - Cola and Orange .vs. Cherry

August 13 (Quarter Finals Day 1)
Game 9 - Game 1 Winner .vs. Game 2 Winner
Game 10 - Game 3 Winner .vs. Game 4 Winner

August 14 (Quarter Finals  Day 2)
Game 11 - Game 5 Winner .vs. Game 6 Winner
Game 12 - Game 7 Winner .vs. Game 8 Winner

August 20 (Semi-Finals Day 1)
Game 13 - Game 9 Winner .vs. Game 10 Winner

August 21 (Semi-Finals Day 2)
Game 14 - Game 11 Winner .vs. Game 12 Winner

August 27th (Third Place Play-off)
Game 15 - Game 13 Loser .vs. Game 14 Loser

August 28th (Final)
Game 16 - Game 14 Winner .vs. Game 15 Winner

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