Tuesday, July 12, 2016

I Ain't Afraid Of No Female Actors (Sorta)

The new Ghostbusters movie has become quite the controversial topic hasn't it?

I've read that a lot of people are angry that the reboot features an all-female cast. 

I don't even know if I can be bothered watching the film just yet. This isn't because I am unhappy with the females being given the lead. It's more to do with me not liking Melissa McCarthy's 'acting' more than anything.

I'm not interested in arguing a case for why they shouldn't have put in females because it's all about the vision of the producers. They're paid to do what they do, so there must be some method to their decision.

Also - I might appear like a nerd here, but the four ladies donning the proton packs aren't the first females to do so. I used to watch The Real Ghost Busters when I was a child. This was the cartoon series that was a spin-off from the movies and I vividly recall Janine the secretary working as a Ghost Buster in one of the episodes. 

I didn't even remember Janine being a Ghost Buster until just as I had started writing this post. The point being - if people are pissed off and annoyed that the females are ruining their memories of the original movies, they should have voiced their displeasure in the late 1980s when the cartoon did it first!

Another thing - I despised the fact that Hollywood rebooted my favourite TV shows, 21 Jump Street, and made it into a comedy movie. I hated the decision, but guess what? I gave the film a go and enjoyed it. 

It didn't tarnish any memories I had going in. 21 Jump Street remains one of my favourites from childhood. If I do end up giving Melissa McCarthy a pass and watch Ghostbusters, I'm sure I'll leave with my fondness for the original Ghost Busters intact.

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