Saturday, April 30, 2016

The Runner

One of the stories I keep coming across when I've visited newspaper websites this week has been the one about Natasha Argent allegedly cheating in the London Marathon.

Argent is the sister of one of the TOWIE lot, so that should be an indication what sort of coverage this news has been generating.

Apparently, she started off and then managed to find a way to skip a good part of the middle before reaching the finish line. The problem: the runners' performances are tracked and she was missing from a lot of checkpoint records that were set up along the way.

Furthermore - and this one makes me laugh - her apparent deception broke a world record.

What a dumb move.

The articles all had a picture of her post-marathon holding up her medal proudly. I'm sorry, but how the f**k can you take credit knowing that you've cheated when others went to all the effort to do so?

Hell, people have died running that race and the attention seeking 'celebrity' is proudly displaying a reward she earned by subterfuge.

According to yesterday's news, she is returning the medal.


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