Friday, February 26, 2016

The Purchase

If I finish off an American football betting season in profit, the first thing I do is look for something to show for my winnings. Last year's purchase was an Indianapolis Colts replica helmet.

Oh, and a box of white chocolate mice (don't ask!).

This year's idea was triggered after watching a movie set in 1986 a number of weeks ago. While watching the movie a thought struck me..

We had a Soda Stream machine in 1986.

Pretty random, yeah?

Anyway, a couple of days later, I started seeing adverts for Soda Stream on television and online. I couldn't miss them. They were everywhere.

I hadn't made or drank a Soda Stream beverage since '88 as a guess. It was time to buy a new machine to see if they were any good or whether nostalgia had me in a chokehold telling me they were great.

Speaking of chokeholds - my favourite Soda Stream flavour back then was a luminous blue liquid that had Mr. T on the bottle. I'm pretty sure it was called 'Mr. T's Knockout Punch' but don't quote me on that one.

Back to 2016, though. I had a look around for a decent priced machine and came across one from Argos at £34.99. I bought it.

Next on the agenda were the flavours - I ended up purchasing a fair few bottles of syrup. And this is where things will become exciting.

Mr. T's drink isn't around anymore (come on, did you really think it would be!?) so I'm going to have to find myself a new favourite. Therefore, I'm going to test the flavours over the next few weeks and return with a post rating what I think are the best - and worst - that Soda Stream has to offer.

The runners will be:

Cloudy Lemonade
Dr Pete
Root Beer
Lemon and Lime
Highland Fizz
Del Monte Orange
Pink Grapefruit

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