Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Michelle Beadle And WWE : A Perfect Match

Michelle Beadle and WWE are a perfect match.

She's just as much a carny as any of the performers who have worked there.

And here's why.

Almost  a year ago, the ESPN host was preparing to cover the Floyd Mayweather versus Manny Pacquaio fight in Las Vegas. She was tweeting out pictures while standing next to the ring (I sure wish I had a photo to prove this. Trust me, I seen them with my own eyes) in the days leading up to boxing's biggest fight.

However, things didn't go the way she liked. Mayweather, upon hearing that one of his staunchest critics was going to cover his fight, vetoed her credentials.

The thing is, Beadle had written something about Mayweather's domestic assault charges. I have absolutely no problem with that. What I do have a problem with is the fact the controversy was swept under the rug when she was working in Vegas in the build up to the fight.

Once the credentials were taken away, Mayweather was back to being enemy number one.

Ir was hypocrisy of the highest order. It didn't end there.

A couple of days later, she took exception to Triple H congratulating Mayweather for winning the May 2nd fight. She told the world that she had had enough of being a WWE supporter. Her 'fan pass' as she called it, was being handed in for good.

Or until this past Monday.

During this week's broadcast of Raw, Beadle was shown sitting front row at one point in the show waving to the camera. As she waved on, my eyes rolled. Not again.

I don't want to call into question her agenda, but there's something not right about a face of sports media taking exception to serious issues and then changing her stance because it betters her profile.

The free front row seats are evidently worth more than her integrity.

Just saying.

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