Thursday, February 18, 2016

10,000BC Season 2 Ends (And I'm Glad!)

Thank God.

The final two episodes of season two of 10,000BC aired last night.

The 'social experiment' programme which has people living like cave people for two months has been one of the most annoying things I have watched in my entire life.

I should have tapped out after the first season, but a friend liked watching it and I thought I'd stick with it just to have something on while we chatted online.

Last night's episodes were on too late. I'll force myself to watch them sometime today.

My personal highlight of the season didn't involve anything on the show. I was asked by my friend which of the people I liked. She didn't like my reply. This is how it went:

'I don't like any of them.'
'That's anti-social!' 
'Anti-social?? I'm not the one spending two months living in a forest!'

My quick retort summed up my feelings perfectly, if I say so myself.

Please - no season three.

Read my thoughts on season one. It was published one year ago yesterday.

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