Thursday, September 03, 2015

Snuka Brought To Justice

As someone who had known about the allegations regarding Jimmy 'Superfly' Snuka murdering his girlfriend, Nancy Argentino, it came as quite a shock to read on Tuesday that the ex-wrestler had finally been charged.

I first read about it in Irv Muchnick's Wrestling Babylon. It's a collection of the journalist's cutting edge reporting of pro wrestling scandals.

The Argentino family, along with Muchnick, had campaigned tirelessly for the over thirty year old case to be reopened. It was and has evidently determined that Snuka should be brought to justice.

When I read that it was being looked into again, I had no faith whatsoever in the result. I just had a feeling that it would end up going nowhere and the family would not get the justice it was seeking. It wasn't me disputing the evidence. It was simply me not believing in the system. After all, it was this very system that let the guy get away with whatever he may have done since 1983.

I'm certainly glad my prediction wasn't accurate on that one.

I'm unsure what happens from here. It's intriguing to see how everything will unravel.

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