Tuesday, February 03, 2015

The Wake Up Call

I had no idea what to write about for today's blog post.

Usually, I have something written up a day beforehand with the post scheduled for 12am. Not yesterday, though. I was just going to call it on the fly and see if I had anything on my mind when I woke up.  

That I did.

The first sound of the day was:




And the alarm clock was off. 

I stumbled to the landline telephone in another room of my home and caught the time - 7:19am. Thinking this must have been an emergency, I tried to wake myself up in a split second.

'Hello?' I asked.

'Hello, this is Windows C...'

'Wuhhh-AIT!' © Mr. Tumble


'You do know what time it is, right?'

< Dead line >

Seriously. These fake Windows cold calls are getting beyond a joke. I know I like playing along with them now and again, but there was no way I was entertaining them at that time of the morning.

The only good thing about the call was it gave me something to write about today. 

I'm assuming there is some interesting wrestling news for me to write about, but I have yet to catch up with WWE Raw. That's next on the agenda. 

It has been a tiring two days!

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