Saturday, August 02, 2014

My New Websites Pt. 1: Introducing

I have spent a good part of 2014 spending my time learning how to create my own websites.

As you can tell if you look at the history of the blog you're reading right now, I first started blogging in 2006. I enjoy doing it, but wanted to branch out and have something out there that I worked on myself.

Sure, this blog - and the other two I created in 2013 - are things I made. I just wanted to test myself to see whether I could build something from scratch rather than by using a template like Blogger does.

Three main hobbies I have are: watching both professional wrestling & American football (I was going to write 'not at the same time', but that would be a lie) and betting so wanted to create websites that covered them.

I came up with four ideas.

And I have managed to pull off three of them.

The fourth, much bigger project, will be done. However, I cannot see myself having any time to do it until next spring.

In this post, I'll introduce to you the first website I created. I'll write about the other sites over the next two days.


In 2013, I noticed a lot of media stories concerning an apparent leak within World Wrestling Entertainment feeding his information to a poster on Reddit. The story was a load of baloney. The Reddit poster was getting his spoilers from watching the betting lines. 

I set up the blog to prove that (a) there was apparently people with knowledge of match results placing bets on these matches and causing the odds to change rapidly and (b) to allow the readers to see how the lines are moving.

The response was incredible. I have had more people visit than I could ever have imagined. The blog even caught the attention of reporters who interviewed me about my findings. 

The problem I faced with is that, each month I promote the websites that have odds up for that month's particular event. It would mean having to review each website every month just for new readers and I thought it would save time if I had a standalone website where I could direct visitors to read reviews of the sportsbooks that offer odds.

As well as the reviews, the website also has a monthly record of betting odds so visitors can see how the odds moved in the events from SummerSlam 2013 upwards.

There's also a page where visitors can view the live wrestling odds from some of the main websites that have markets up each month. 

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