Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The Answer To The Manning Question

I spent this past weekend considering whether to bench Peyton Manning from my fantasy football team because I was wary of his fitness heading into the Denver Broncos' game against the Kansas City Chiefs.

The quarterback had been suffering from an injured ankle so I was contemplating sitting him out and replacing him with the Cincinnati Bengals' Andy Dalton.

When the time finally came. I held out and stuck with my team's most valuable player.

He scored 14.92 points, Dalton got 11.72.

I guess that was a right call.

My team scored 104.62 overall points in week 11. I defeated my opponent by 15.94 so - in hindsight - it didn't really matter whether Manning, or Dalton, were playing.

I hope there aren't many doubts over Manning's fitness this week.

The Bengals are on a bye week so thinks could become tricky.

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