Sunday, November 17, 2013

Should I Bench Peyton Manning Today?

Should I bench Peyton Manning today?

That's the question I am pondering as I sit here at my computer looking at my fantasy football team.

Manning, and the Denver Broncos, go up against the undefeated Kansas City Chiefs in tonight's marquee game.

It's not the fact that the team are playing the Chiefs that's the cause for this dilemma - it's the fact that Manning is banged up.

His ankles are so bad that he had to have an MRI done earlier this week. The results came back okay, though. He can still play.

I just don't know how he will.

I can't help but feel tonight's game is going to be a low-scoring affair where both teams try to run the ball to slow the clock down.

Add in the Manning not at 100% factor and it does not look appealing to those expecting a lot of points on the field and on a fantasy team.

If I do decide to sit him for this weekend, I have Cincinnati's Andy Dalton in as back-up.

Dalton has not been playing as well as he did in 2012. Had this been a year ago, I wouldn't have thought twice about making this temporary move.

Decisions, decisions.

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