Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Do You Want 10% Off NFL Game Pass This Season?

Update: The 10% discount for NFL Game Pass has now expired. I hope to have another offer for you in 2014. Check back during the summer.

The other day, I wrote about how I had signed up to NFL Game Pass for the upcoming season and - as I was looking through my account yesterday morning - I noticed that there is a referral scheme for me to introduce friends.

As I have my own blog, I thought it would be wise to post the link on here as it could save subscribers some money if they do it through me.

If you're intending to purchase the Season Plus or Season Pass before September 24th 2013, you can save ten percent on your order by clicking THIS.

Please note: I'm not making anything out of this. I'm distributing the link to save people money on a subscription.

Here's what I wrote about Game Pass on Saturday:

A number of days ago, I noted that the NFL had emailed to inform me that the fantasy football for next season has opened up.

I was surprised they had set up the leagues this early. Shortly after publishing the post, I went onto the NFL website and noticed they were taking orders for Game Pass, too.

Game Pass is the service where subscribers can watch all the live games on their computer, tablet or smart phone (apart for the exclusive games available on Sky Sports. These will be available to view 24 hours later).

I had never really felt the need to watch Game Pass. I liked following along with what was going on via Sky and the up-to-the-minute scoring updates on NFL.com. However, late last year, I made the decision that I would give it a go in 2013.

I have ordered it already.

There are a lot of features available to Game Pass subscribers. The main draw is the live games. One of the things I also like the idea of is watching the NFL Network. I occasionally subscribe to that channel, it is part of a Game Pass subscription so I'll definitely be watching that a lot more.

These two highlights are just scratching the surface. There's also the ability to rewatch games from seasons past as well as all the preseason games that will start in August.

For those who read this blog early this year and realised I was 'all NFLed out', I guess you can say I am nearly back to being in an NFL mood.

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