Friday, March 11, 2011

Where Men Win Glory

I've just finished reading Jon Krakauer's book - Where Men Win Glory - and I cannot tell you how much I respect Pat Tillman for what he did.

Then, on the other hand, I cannot tell you how much respect I lost for the US Government and its propaganda machine.

For those people who don't know Tillman - he was an American footballer who, after the 9/11 attacks, decided to give his career up to fight for his country.

A little under two years later, Tillman was killed in action during an attack while he was on tour in Afghanistan.

As he was a well-known name, the people of the United States of America took even more interest in the war and hailed Tillman for his heroics against their nation's foe.

Only, Tillman didn't die at the hands of the Taliban.

The Army and Government tried their hardest to cover-up the friendly fire actuality of Tillman's death by hiding evidence and fabricating a story to ensure that this truth was not revealed in the days following the announcement of his passing.

Krakauer did a great job chronicling Tillman's upbringing and also covering his college and NFL career.

It was done so well that I was feeling extremely saddened at the part where Pat Tillman died and his wife and mother were told of the death. Even though I knew there was no happy ending, it still hit me how devastating the entire tragedy and its aftermath was.

Pat Tillman didn't just die a hero. He lived as one as well.

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