Saturday, January 01, 2011

2011 : The Year In Preview

Here are my annual predictions for 2011. I check how correct, or wrong, they are on the final post of each year.

- Roy Hodgson will be sacked as Liverpool manager

- Triple H will return to wrestle Sheamus in a King vs King feud

- WCW will play a key part at this year's WrestleMania as it is in Georgia, former home of World Championship Wrestling

- Manchester City will win the Premier League

- Manchester City will be playing great in the 2011/12 Champions League tournament

-There will be no NFL regular season in 2011 after the threatened lock-out takes place

- TNA Wrestling will finally shut its doors

- Bill Goldberg will be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame

- Brock Lesnar will be involved in some way at WrestleMania but, by the middle of the year, he will be announced as back in the UFC title picture

- A major Hollywood news story will be in the papers for weeks

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