Sunday, January 02, 2011

The 2010 Challenge

I mentioned earlier last year that I was setting myself a challenge as a New Year's resolution for 2010 but didn't want to reveal what it was until a year later.
Well, it's been a year and now I am going to unveil what I had been doing throughout 2010.
The challenge I set myself was to enter one competition or prize draw a day and then see how many times I won.
At times, I found it difficult to find competitions to enter but managed to stick with my plan all the way through. I had even kept account of all the competitions or draws I entered to ensure I didn't enter more than once.
It got frustrating at times as I went for months before my luck finally came in.

The first prize I won was in August when I entered an essay contest to win a copy of the Dixie Carter YouShoot DVD that was released by Kayfabe Commentaries.

The competition asked for each entrant to write about their favourite wrestler. Mine was obviously written on Shawn Michaels.

The second, and final, win of the year also occurred in August when I entered a prize draw to win a copy of Auntie Mame on the Penguin website.
There were so many prizes I tried to win ranging from earphones all the way to a trip to Monte Carlo.
Like I noted previously, it got a bit tiresome at times as it took a long time for this idea to bear fruit.
I am still not sure whether I will continue plugging away at entering each day.
It could have been worse, though, I may have entered three hundred and sixty-five competitions and got diddly-squat.
2/365 isn't too bad.
I suppose.

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