Thursday, November 04, 2010

Randy Moss' Outburst

I was shocked to hear that Randy Moss had been put on the waiver list from the Minnesota Vikings earlier this week especially after it was only one month since he was traded to the team from the New England Patriots.

And then when more news flooded in - I became less shocked at the move.

Moss apparently had a go at a caterer at the Vikings' training session on Friday when he was critical of the buffet the man had put on claiming that it wasn't fit enough to feed his dog.

This pretty much shows you how much of an arrogant punk Randy Moss is.

There's a lot more turmoil going on in Minnesota but it was a wise choice by Brad Childress to get rid of the player.

It may not save their season but it was the best course of action. But, with that said, Childress was the man who brought Moss there a few weeks ago.

Moss will now take his attitude to Tennessee after the Titans were the only team interested in acquiring his services.

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