Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Old Trafford Civil War

Wayne Rooney's days at Manchester United are numbered even if he does change his mind and decide he would like to stay.

There is no way Alex Ferguson would have made comments in interviews about the striker wanting out. The Fergie shield was lifted and that is not a good sign.

I guess the club have had enough of the controversy surrounding Rooney. At best, he is a great player but - and what is often the case - he is an unprofessional scumbag.

In my opinion, of course.

I'm not a Manchester United fan but the club is one of the most professionally run sports franchises in the world. Wayne Rooney has brought shame on this business whether it be red cards, press allegations or - and this one annoyed me the most - that time in the World Cup when he was walking off the pitch and had the audacity to complain about the fans booing the England team after a dismal performance.

He is not the right person to represent a club with a rich history like Manchester United.

And I think the club have realised that and are fighting back by giving out their side of the story.

He is done. The bridge has burnt.

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