Monday, March 15, 2010

Beckham's Achilles

Will David Beckham's Achilles become as famous as his metatarsals?

I doubt it.

Back in 2002, the story heading into the World Cup was about David Beckham and his metatarsal fracture.

Him and his PR team put the word 'Metatarsal' on the map.

It's a completely different story eight years later.

Thanks to Homer, we know the word 'Achilles' and that an Achilles heel injury is even more devastating than a broken foot.

It's safe to say that David Beckham's chances of making the England squad are dead.

I guarantee the next thing we read in the papers is a dispute between Los Angeles Galaxy and AC Milan as the former will be complaining about losing their crowd drawing player for most - if not all - of the Major League Soccer season which starts up soon.

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