Friday, June 16, 2017


There's a WWE DVD being released in the autumn that I'm interested in watching.

It's titled Unreleased: 1986 - 1995 and it's filled with matches that never made it to TV or video before.

The match listings were released yesterday and there are a few bouts that I'd like to see. Here are a few that caught my attention when I browsed through the list.

Dingo Warrior .vs. Jose Estrada (1987) - more than likely one of the Ultimate Warrior's first matches in the WWF before they gave him the moniker he became the most famous as.

Brian Adams .vs Barry Horowitz (1989) - Adams later became Crush, so this could have been one of his tryout matches.

Mr Perfect and Ravishing Rick Rude .vs. The Ultimate Warrior and Texas Tornado (1990) - Perfect and Rude were good friends in real life. All four guys are no longer with us.

Rick Martel .vs. Jake Roberts (1991) - This is a blindfold match from January of '91. If you recall, the pair had a blindfold match at WrestleMania VII a few months later, so I guess these matches were being done on house show loops at that time to get the psychology right.

Ultimate Warrior .vs. Undertaker (1991) - This was a casket match from August 19th, which would have been a few days before SummerSlam when Warrior was fired as soon as he finished wrestling in the main event of that show. I remember seeing pictures of Warrior vs Taker in body bag matches during the summer of '91, so this would have been a step up. This could be the very first casket match that ever took place in the WWF. If not the first, it's one of them.

Jake Roberts .vs. Mr Madness (1991) - 'Mr Madness' was Randy Savage. If you recall, he had lost a retirement match to Ultimate Warrior at WrestleMania VII. This match was on November 12th, so was a few weeks before Savage officially returned.

British Bulldog .vs. Bret Hart (1992) - This match is from June 1992. This was obviously a bout set up for the pair to work out some of the things they wanted to do at Wembley Stadium a couple of months later at SummerSlam.

Papa Shango and Kamala .vs. Bret Hart and Ultimate Warrior (1992) - Back when I was a child, there was an Ultimate Warrior video where there was an exclusive match in the listing. It had Warrior and Undertaker as a tag team against The Berzerker and possibly Papa Shango. I was desperate to watch that match. If I knew about the one featured here with Warrior tagging up with the Hitman back then, I would have wanted to see it too!

Diesel .vs.Yokozuna (1995) - This was a steel cage match from July. I saw them wrestle inside a steel cage match in October of 1995, so will be interested to see the match on TV.

There are plenty more, these are just the matches that stood out. After writing all that, I think I've convinced myself that it's worthy of a purchase.

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