Thursday, October 29, 2015

I'm Sick & Tired Of Jose Mourinho

I'm starting to tire of Jose Mourinho.

I never thought I'd write the sentence above, but it's so true. The guy has really been a pain in the arse lately.

His courting of controversy used to be a one of the traits I liked about him. I accepted it because the results on the field were enough to make me discount the approach he took. At the end of the day, what he was doing was working for the team. They played for him.

Chelsea just isn't the side it should be with Mourinho in the dugout.

I was chuffed to see him return to the Premier League. But, as of right now, I couldn't give a damn if he never comes back.

Let him go and find another team. Hopefully, he'll work his magic again.

Wherever that may be.

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