Thursday, October 30, 2014

WWE UK Network In November?

World Wrestling Entertainment just announced the third quarter earnings press release.

I have been taking particular interest in the WWE Network launch in the United Kingdom. Here's what was written:

The company continues to develop the international platform for WWE Network and plans to make the U.S. version of WWE Network available in the U.K. on an over-the-top basis in November.

This can be read in so many ways.

Despite the 'plans' being for a U.K. launch in November, we aren't really guaranteed one. Remember, the 'plans' in the second quarter report indicated that we would see it 'by October'.

Even though the 'plans' are for it to be identical to the US-version, we're still not being told whether we'll have to encounter blackouts due to Sky's exclusive deal to air WWE programming in this country.

We haven't been told of a price.

So, it's really another carrot dangled in front of the UK market without a clear idea of when we'll have the service.

With all that noted, the positive part of my brain reads it as.

Or rather hopes it reads as:

The Network will launch in the U.K. in November and will be identical to the U.S.

Fingers crossed. Again.

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