Sunday, September 07, 2014

Luck/Manning II

Of today's slate of NFL games, there's only one I NEED to watch.

And it's the late game, kicking off early tomorrow morning.

My favourite team, the Indianapolis Colts, head out to Denver to take on my favourite player - Peyton Manning - and the Broncos.

Andrew Luck & Peyton Manning in 2013
If you don't follow American football, here's a quick story.

Manning was the Colts' quarterback for many years. He won them a Super Bowl in the 2006 season. A number of years after that, he had to take a season off following neck surgeries and the decision was made to release him.

He went on to Denver and Indianapolis - who had a dreadful season in Manning's absence - ended up having the first pick in the following year's NFL Draft. They chose Andrew Luck out of Stanford University.

Luck is a superb player, and I think the Colts.. pardon the pun.. lucked out when they did.

Last season, Manning took his new club to play his old team and lost.

This year, the roles are reversed. Andrew Luck is taking his side to Denver.

I think the score will be reversed as well.

Who will I be cheering?

Neither. I'm going to sit back and let them both fight it out. This will be a good game.

Nay, it'll be a GREAT game.

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