Thursday, October 17, 2013

Peyton's Return To Indy

Peyton Manning will be returning to Indianapolis on Sunday when he and the Denver Broncos take on the Colts in the late game.

It is the fixture that I have been looking forward to since the schedules were released earlier this year.

Peyton Manning is my favourite player. The Colts are my favourite team.

I want them both to win.

I've been reading that the Colts are going to honour Manning with a video package on Sunday night. On one hand, it is a nice gesture. However, I think things like that should be done once a player has retired.

There has also been a show of disrespect by Colts owner - Jim Irsay in a USA Today article.

In the interview, he more or less said that Manning was great (which he is) but he had to get rid of the quarterback because he had a bad post-season record.

You only need to see how poor the Colts were during that year Manning was off injured to see how much he made that team.

Strike that - he WAS that team.

This game will make history and end up being the most watched regular season game.

And you can quote me on that.

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