Wednesday, October 30, 2013

A Nightmare On Elm Street Week Day Three : Freddy's Revenge

Due to it being 1987 when I first watched the initial A Nightmare on Elm Street, I followed it up with the second part almost immediately.

There was a big difference between the two.

I liked the first, was not so keen on the second.

We'll get onto my personal favourite in tomorrow's post. Unfortunately, we have to go through this one to get there.

I cannot even recall whether my dislike for Freddy's Revenge came after the realisation that I enjoyed parts one and three or whether I did not take to it from the start. I would need  a DeLorean and a return flight to Germany in order to answer that one.

I have already established that this was not one of my favourites. It's not the worst, though. There are others that are just as bad as this one later in the series.
From what I can recall - in this film, Freddy tries to possess the body of a lad who has moved into the house that Nancy Thompson, from the original movie, used to live in.
I remember Jesse had this weird look about him. He had a blank expression from my memory. I would like to say it was good acting but that would be a stretch.
As I type this, I'm getting flashbacks of the opening scene with Freddy hijacking a school bus and - if memory serves me correctly - the ending also sees Freddy hijacking the bus.
Oh, and his name is now 'Freddy'. Which I covered in yesterday's post.
Time to put the disc in. I'll be back with my after-thoughts in less than ninety minutes.
After Thoughts
Well, it wasn't as bad as I remembered.
I still did not like it, though.
The end was a bit flat. In a way, the death of Freddy in the first two films is a cop-out. Both of the female characters deny having fear of Krueger and this prompts him to 'die'.
I know, I know. We are overlooking the fact that he does come back in closing skits before the credits roll in both movies.

This does beg the question of isn't it a waste of time watching a film build up to seeing the hero/heroine getting their revenge on the foe only for the vengeance to be deemed null and void right at the end?
Once again, there are a few things that happened in the movie that I had forgotten about but - just before they were about to occur on screen - I would think to myself 'Oh yeah, I remember this part now!'

And as for the blank Jesse look? It's still as prominent as it was the many other times I watched this movie in the past. I'm now leaning on it being good acting, though.
I'll be checking out Part 3 tomorrow. As you should know by now, it's my all-time favourite Nightmare movie so I won't be that hard on it.
Or will I?

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