Saturday, September 21, 2013

Night Of Refunds

According to reports that I've read, it seems that a few wrestling fans had the mind to call their cable companies to complain about the finish to the Daniel Bryan .vs. Randy Orton match at Night of Champions last weekend.

One company refunded at least one customer.

On one hand, I think that's great for the fan who felt they needed to complain. On the other - it's pro wrestling, what did they expect?

The match ended with Daniel Bryan winning the WWE world title following a fast count by referee, Scott Armstrong. The victory was nullified on Monday night when Triple H stripped Bryan of the championship.

Cable companies refunding over screwy storyline finishes is setting a precedence that may end up doing long-term harm for them and World Wrestling Entertainment.

Will they now start repaying pay-per-view fees to customers who didn't like the end to a movie they've ordered?

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