Thursday, August 15, 2013

Visa Telephone Scam

There appears to be a con going on.

Last night, I received a call from somebody claiming to be from Visa and he asked whether I was aware of a £450 withdrawal from my account.

I figured he was up to no good but played along. I said that I didn't know of such a transaction to see what his next step was.

He proceeded to ask for the year of my birth as a, what he claimed, 'security measure'. I answered him. He then queried what the telephone number was on the back of my card.

I told him I had two cards. I read out one of the phone number (incorrectly)and then he suggested it was the other card that I had to read out.

He was quite abrupt in a Scottish accent. I ended up calling his bluff and telling him I had better get on the phone with my bank immediately so told him I needed to hang up.

This was the first time I have dealt with a scam of this nature. These scumbags are getting a hell of a lot more blatant these days.

I hope me putting this out there warns at least one person off.

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