Monday, June 24, 2013

War Games Coming To DVD/Blu-ray

There is a new WWE DVD/Blu-ray that I'll be buying when it is released.

The set is all about World Championship Wrestling's War Games match where two teams battled it out in a cage match which saw two rings placed side-by-side.

The match would start off with two wrestlers then every few minutes an extra guy would be added. The third man in would be drawn from a coin toss (the heels always seemed to win the toss to make it an unfair advantage until the fourth wrestler came in to even things up).

I had seen a number of these matches back when I was younger and always looked forward to them each year. In the latter years of WCW, the matches turned out to be a letdown due to the people involved.

Thankfully, this release will allow me to enjoy the good ones again. I'll also get to to laugh at how abysmal the rest were.

What would have been cool is if World Wrestling Entertainment decided to do their own War Games match to coincide with the release of the DVD.

Cool for the fans but not so cool for the company, I guess.

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