Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Other Stuff & Cheltenham 2013

I was hoping to write down the horses I was betting on for today's first day of the Cheltenham Festival on the blog this morning.

The reason why I haven't at this moment is because I still haven't gone to the shop for the racing paper to give me some insight into the races (a method that hasn't worked since 2006, so maybe it is time to hit that one on the head, yeah?).

I did watch last night's episode of WWE Monday Night Raw when I woke up, though. That needs to be addressed so I'll blog about it today.

We all know a bubble exists where things that are classed as disrespectful in the real world can pass as okay in pro wrestling.

And last night's show was another example of that.

One moment, they are celebrating the life of William Moody (Paul Bearer) and then the next they are using his real-life passing to further the WrestleMania storyline between The Undertaker and CM Punk.

It's quite tasteless, in my opinion.

I am aware that Moody's sons were flown in to the show last night. They were more than likely asked whether it was okay to do an angle that played on the loss of their father and I am sure they agreed to it.

You have to respect their wishes and everything. With that said, it's still uncomfortable.

However, I guess when you do an 'Eddie is in hell' promo after Eddie Guerrero passed away, anything else is fine.

Well - that's how it goes in the wrestling bubble, folks.

* * * 

If I do get the paper and decide to have a bet, I'll post them here before the races start. If not - I will do them for the remaining three days.

Late update
Here are the horses I've picked. I didn't use any tips or anything as I decided not to bother with the paper this week. Keep that in mind if you follow me.

1:30 My Tent Or Yours
2:05 Overturn
2:40 Our Mick
3:20 Hurricane Fly
4:00 Uncle Junior
5:15 Carlito Brigante (I had to!)

I'll be back tomorrow to tell you how I did and to tell you who I've picked for day two.

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