Thursday, January 11, 2024

Wordle Tumble

As a daily player of Wordle, I was intrigued to find a puzzle book titled Wordle Challenge while Amazon shopping sometime in early 2022. 

The book turned out to a fun time killer which allowed me to get some Wordle puzzles in before the real Wordle website did its daily update.

So, knowing how much I enjoyed Wordle Challenge, I immediately opted to read an advance copy of one of its follow-ups, Wordle Tumble, when I noticed it available through Net Galley.

Wordle Challenge and Wordle Tumble

Unfortunately, I did not find Wordle Tumble as entertaining as one of its predecessors.

In the first book, as you can see immediately below, the page is made up of two Wordle puzzles. It's up to the player to solve the puzzle using the letters in front of them and, if they so wish, by reading a clue. 

Wordle Challenge

Wordle Tumble is like the real Wordle and Wordle Challenge but on an overdose of steroids.

As you can see in the example underneath, the puzzles in Wordle Tumble flow from one into another leaving four opportunities to guess a word. When you get to 'Expert' stage, the puzzles travel onto the next page so you're looking at eight words.

Wordle Tumble

I am a below average crossword player, so the clues were hit-or-miss (more the latter!) to my brain. This was especially the case as the difficulty levels increased.

I'll be fair and say Wordle Tumble is a unique take on the Wordle puzzle, but it was simply not for me,

Wordle Tumble will be published by Ivy Press on February 15 2024

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