Saturday, December 23, 2023

Getting Ready For Christmas Across The Lands 2023

I am getting ready to listen to this year's edition of Christmas Across The Lands.

The twelve-hour radio show airs across certain US stations, but I often find it on Christmas FM out of Dublin on Christmas Eve.

However, this year, I have to try and find somewhere that is airing it earlier. 

The reason why is because there are NFL games tomorrow evening and I doubt I'll be able to catch the Christmas FM airing from 6PM.

I've done a search and the programme is scheduled to air on Sunny 106.3 (I surmise from Florida) from 9AM - 9PM Eastern tomorrow and will repeat again at those times on Christmas Day.

This will be the first year I get to listen on the retro Internet radio I purchased over the summer. I have already got Sunny 106.3 added to my preset list from previous years.

Christmas Across The Lands 2023

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