Saturday, December 02, 2023

I Try A Limited Edition Christmas Pot Noodle

I have been trying Christmas foods for a future blog post. I've experienced some interesting things and still have more to sample.

On Thursday, I tried Pot Noodle's Christmas-themed product.

Pot Noel

Pot Noodle has been rebranded as 'Pot Noel' and its flavour is 'Gravy and Stuffing'.

After doing what you do with Pot Noodle (although there are no sachets in this edition of Pot Noodle), I dug my fork in for my first taste.

It was also the last taste.

As soon as it hit my mouth, I had a smack of mushroom. I don't even think there is mushroom flavouring in it, but - after that one fork - I had to tap out.

Chicken and mushroom is - in my opinion - the worst Pot Noodle flavour (and I abhor Bombay Bad Boy, so consider that!). This Gravy and Stuffing flavour was reminiscent of that. 

It's not for me.

I now have two more pots to give away to other family members who should like them more than I did.

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